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Frequently Asked Questions - New Customers from SECO

Please find below some frequently asked questions and answers pertaining to the Electric Integration Project that the City of Bushnell is currently working on. These questions and answers relate mostly to new City of Bushnell customers that are coming over from Sumter Electric Cooperative (SECO). Please call Bushnell City Hall at 352-793-2591 if you have any other additional questions or concerns. We look forward to serving you!

1. Why do I have to switch electric providers?

2. How will you keep us informed about the transition of service?

3. When will the transition occur?

4. Does this change affect me as an existing customer?

5. Do I as a new customer have to do anything for the transfer to take place?

6. How do I pay my bill?

7. When will I receive my first bill?

8. When do I pay the deposit?

9. Will the deposit I have with SECO transfer?

10. What will happen if I don't sign the application?

11. How does the City of Bushnell rates compare?

12. Does this mean that I will be annexed into the City of Bushnell?

13. Who can I talk to with additional questions?

14. Will I be out of power for the transfer? If so, how long will the outage last?