Permitting FAQ's

1. When do I need a Permit?

2. How Much Does a Permit Cost?

3. Do I have to Pay Impact Fees?

4. Do I Need an Inspection?

5. Do I Have to be a Licensed Contractor to Perform Work on my own House?

6. Can a Homeowner Pull Permits on a Rental Structure?

7. What Information do I Need to Provide to Obtain a Permit?

8. How Long is a Permit Valid?

9. May I Receive a Permit Extension?

10. When is a Notice of Commencement Required?

11. Do my Permits and Plans Have to be Posted on the job site for Inspection?

12. How do I Schedule an Inspection?

13. After I Schedule my Inspection, How Long Before the Job is Inspected?

14. Additional questions or concerns regarding building permits?