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Community Events

Always held on the 3rd Saturday in October, this year’s annual Fall Festival is returning to the tradition of having a different theme each year. This year’s theme is going to be “It’s a Pirate’s Life for Me” featuring all things Pirate, and promises to be loads of fun!

And this year’s fun begins with our Annual parade down Main Street which will start at 9:30 am. Replete with lots of floats decked out in a “Pirates of the Caribbean” flair, parade entries will compete for a 1st Place gift card for $125.00! Our hometown friends at Suncoast Credit Union are sponsoring the float decoration contest as well as the vendor booth space decoration contest at the festival, located in the Kenny Dixon Sports Complex, located at 824 W. Noble Avenue.

First place winners in both the float decoration and the vendor space decoration contests will receive a $125.00 gift card, second place entries will receive a $75.00 gift card and third place entries will receive a $50.00 gift card.

A costume contest will also be sponsored at the festival by Regions Bank. Everyone is encouraged to dress up in the Pirate theme, so pull out your old Pirate outfits from past costume parties, throw on those Mardi Gras beads and eye patches, and drop by the Regions Bank booth space at the entrance of the festival gates, and register to win! There will be a winner in the 12 yr and under Youth category, a Teen category for ages 13 to 19, and an Adult category for ages 20 yrs and up.

Retail Arts and Crafts & Food Vendors as well as Fund-Raiser Organizations can obtain an application in person at Bushnell City Hall, or by downloading one from the attachment below. You may also email Ruby Mark, Festival Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request an application. Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis until Friday, October 13th at 5 pm.

As always, there will be lots of exciting events during the day, including the Suncoast CreditUnion Greased Pig Contest at 2:30 pm! The Greased Pig Contest will be held once again in the retention area behind the ball park, next to the skate park. Suncoast Credit Union will be offering wristband pre-sales at their office on Hwy 48 beginning September 1st through October 18th. Prices for the wristbands are: $3 for ages 3 to 13, and $5 for ages 14 to 18.

Scattered throughout the park, there are fun activities for kids of all ages, including log-sawing competitions, pony rides, rock wall climbing, mechanical bull rides, Kiddy Land activities for the little ones, and many other attractions!

And of course, there is always a huge assortment of food vendors offering everything from Italian Sausages, Pizza, Mexican Dishes, BBQ, Cakes, Pies, Ice Cream, Smoothies...the list goes on and on! The city's local churches and non-profit organizations also offer some of the best food around, so you definitely won't go hungry!

Under the Main Tent, a host of local talents will entertain the crowds all afternoon. Some of the wonderfully talented people this year include Miss Sarah Sarver, who will be opening our festival with the National Anthem as well as singing several beautiful songs for us.

Our MCs for the day will be Debra Palmer & Top That, who will also be gracing us with their talented voices in between acts as well as hosting a karaoke session in the afternoon. The High School Jazz band will be on board to delight us with their great music, and last year's favorites, Ali Carneglia and Bryce Mauldin will also be on hand to treat us to their beautiful harmonies!

Then at 4:30 pm, Todd Brown's River Junction Band will rock the tent with their Rootin'-Tootin' Boot-Scootin' dance music, sponsored in part by CenterState Bank.

And to close out the festival, Mr. Fred Partin's Dragonworks will thrill us with a fantastic fireworks display at 8:30 pm in the field behind the ball park! It's always the perfect end to an absolutely perfect day! So dust off yer dancin' shoes, pull out yer Pirate costumes and be sure to join us again this year! Aaarrrrg, Matey! See you there!

For more information, download the attachments below!

During the month of April 2017, residential City customers can take advantage of misc. trash pick-up at no additional charge.

Any work done by a contractor for roof work or other must be disposed of by that contractor and does not qualify for free hauling.

Follow these simple steps to take advantage of your free residential pickup during clean up month.

Debris and Trash must be separated into the following categories, and will be picked up at different times:

a. Metals
b. Carpets/Plastics/Furniture/Mattresses
c. Building Materials: Boards, Sheet Rock, etc;
d. Brush/Leaves/Trimmings: All Required to be boxed, bagged or bundled up into no longer than 4ft. bundles.

Not following these guidelines could impose a charge to your account for the pick-up and disposal.


a.    No Paint - unless can is empty and dry with the lid off.
b.    No LP Gas tanks.
c.    No Chemicals.

NOTE:  Similar materials will be picked up together and driver may leave other types of material in the same location for a later pick-up.

See attached flyer below.

The City of Bushnell, Public Works, and Utility Department, put on a wonderful demonstration for the Sumter County Youth Center, on July 14, 2016. The City set up six different work stations at the Youth Center, and the children went from station to station to learn about what each station does. Approximately 145 children got to attend and learn about the different things these departments do for the City and its citizens every day.

The first station was Chris Hariprashad, he taught the children about the grapple truck, and what this truck does. This truck is able to pick up very large, heavy piles of trash, brush and trees that are put out to be removed on Wednesdays, our miscellaneous pickup day. This piece of equipment not only saves time, but allows heavy items to be picked up without injury to the employees.


The second station was the new garbage truck that was shown to the kids by Doug Wheeler. Doug explained that when people throw their trash away and put the cart out for pickup, he is the one to come by with this big truck to pick it up. He showed the children how the garbage truck works and how it can pick up the cart as well as a dumpster. He showed the kids how it dumps the trash into the truck and where the trash goes once the truck is full.


Below is a picture of both the grapple and grabage truck in action!


The third and fourth stations were put on by the Utility department, Jay Fuller, Isaac Wietan and Nate Story. This department takes care of providing electricity and water to all of our homes and businesses in town. Nate Story was in the bucket and he explained to the kids just how the department uses the bucket trucks to work on the power lines when the power goes out and when installing new lines. He also explained how the bucket helps to keep them safe while working.4

In the picture below, Isaac Wietan, is running the auger truck while Jay Fuller is explaining to the kids what this machine does and how they use this to dig holes and set utility poles in the ground when running electric throughout the city.

The 5th station was provided by the Public Works department on play ground equipment safety. This presentation was given by Mike Zapata and Keith Raftery. Mike explained about playground safety; an example that he used was the swings, that they are regulated to be at a certain height off the ground and when people throw the swings over the top pole to make them higher they are actually making them dangerous for themselves and others! He explained that this should not be done.

The final station for the day was with Michael Worthington, and Casey Hickman, who taught the kids about what a backhoe is and what it does. Michael explained how the backhoe works by having the kids put one arm out straight to the side at shoulder height and use their hands as the bucket to imitate scooping. He explained that the backhoe and bucket move very similar to this. The children enjoyed seeing the machine in action to scoop, dump and level the dirt.


The City of Bushnell, provided each child with a "Be Bright and Turn off the Light" bag for participating in a fun filled day with our city employees.  The children had a great day seeing and experiencing some of the day to day tasks that our Public Works and Utility Departments do through out our city.


A big "Thank you" to the Sumter County Youth Center, for inviting us into your facility to spend a wonderful day with your kids.  This really was a wonderful way to educate the local kids and get them familiar with who provides these local services for them and what it takes to take care of our beautiful city.

The Fall Festival is an annual event sponsored by the city to celebrate the birthday of The City of Bushnell. Held the third Saturday of October, this one day event starts with a parade at 10:00 a.m. and concludes with a spectacular fireworks display shortly after nightfall. Over 20,000 visitors have been reported to attend this festival and enjoyed the various types of food and crafts available.

During this full day of fun, the public can enjoy a variety of games, contests and foods, as well as numerous arts and craft displays. Dancing, music and a variety of performing arts are also scheduled throughout the day. Not to mention the famous Greased Pig Contest!!